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a gathering of the most skilled hair stylists in Portland, Oregon





Shane Craig

Shane comes to us from Los Angeles and brings that Southern California vibe with him. Shane really believes in low maintenance hair and specializes in beautiful natural highlights and cuts, especially blondes. He has an extensive education and training with some of the top salons in the US including Beverly Hills and New York. He has over nine years behind the chair, and dedicates himself to providing the best possible experience to every person he works with. Shane does split his time between Portland and Southern California, keeping his blondes happy all up and down the West Coast.


Tracey Gustave

Tracey spent the last 13 years working at the hottest salon in Chicago before deciding to pack her things and drive West. Tracey has used her mid-west work ethic to help her reach many impressive career milestones. Tracey is a master haircutter and a Color educator, always teaching, sharing and learning with her peers. What really galvanizes Tracey is people- Tracey is a genuine People Person(!!), so she really shines when it comes to communication. Tracey recognizes the importance of building a trusting relationship with each client. She really enjoys taking the time to teach and educate clients on how to style and work with their hair. Tracey’s talents are numerous: she loves doing gorgeous natural balayage color, yet, can contrast that with a sharp, precision, classic bob.  She loves cutting both mens and women’s hair, and is very skilled at creating beautiful blonde color. Soft and diffused hair styles; where beautiful highlights can show off your gorgeous new haircut, while encouraging your natural texture to come through. These are the things that Tracey loves and wants to create with you.


Stephanie Hand

With a style and taste level that Stephanie has carefully curated through the years, she is able to combine her inherent perfectionism with a laid back aesthetic. Stephanie spent the first years of her career apprenticing and working in San Francisco. She moved to Portland seven years ago, where she quickly became known for her laid back rock and roll aesthetic. She believes strongly in the importance of ongoing education, and regularly travels to take classes through Bumble& bumble and Toni& Guy. She loves working with the natural texture of a persons hair, and has perfected the sexy undone look through soft and natural balayage color and texturized cuts to suit a low maintenance PNW lifestyle.


Robbie Macaulay

Robbie Macaulay joins Ceremony Salon fifteen years into her impressive and illustrious career. Robbie began with an apprenticeship in San Francisco; training at a top salon in both cutting and color. She was taught in the Toni& Guy methodology where the classics are honored, but advanced technique keep ahead of fashion trends. This brings us up to ten years ago; when she decided to move to NYC to work in the heart of the West Village. While working there she continued her education, studying under top New York colorists. She learned and mastered different Balayage and other free form styles of hand painting techniques. She loves being able to truly customize hair for each individual client. The ability to meet and talk to a person and come up with the perfect color and haircut depending on that persons goals AND lifestyle. Through her extensive education and exposure to all hair types, she is able to deftly cut, color and style any type or texture of hair she meets: curly, straight, relaxed, fine and flat or thick and unruly. Whether a person wants a total makeover into something bold and edgy, or just a low maintenance ‘do of long soft layers and soft beach you highlights. Robbie loves to have fun with her clients, and always makes sure they leave happy and feeling good.


Wendy Newsome

Wendy started her career over ten years ago with an apprenticeship at the International salon; Toni& guy, in Scottsdale, Arizona. Where she became both a master cutter (cutting specialist) and educator. After relocating to San Francisco; she spent the next chapter of her career styling, educating and establishing a strong clientele. All the while focusing on her continued education; gathering skills and knowledge from Bumble& bumble, Toni& guy, Sachajuan, traveling to academies in both California and New York. Wendy is experienced and capable of working with any texture of hair, both men and women. Wendy is classically trained and has the skill set that allows for complete versatility. She can do anything from a perfect precision bob, to super edgy textured shag. Softness is her trademark, but she is famous for creating amazing bangs.



Camille Rowe

She is an island native from the the South Puget Sound, and this lady loves to travel. As a true free spirit, Camille loves to bring out a persons natural beauty. She prefers a low maintenance lifestyle, and loves helping her clients achieve the same. She specializes and empathizes with those with silky fine locks that perhaps don’t have as much excitement to them as one might want. Camille has been doing hair here in Portland for eight years now. She has gathered a loyal following of both in salon and  on set/ editorial clients hair.  Camille keeps a very busy schedule, but truly believes that she gains inspiration from working.


Chelsea Savage

Chelsea has been on the scene here in Portland for over a decade. She has an impressive resume; having worked at top salons here, but especially when you check out her ongoing education. She has been trained in the French Layering Techniques, straight razor cutting by Bumble and Bumble and extensive styling and texturizing by Toni& Guy. She loves doing bright and bold blondes color, through traditional highlighting or hand painting. Chelsea can also knock out a glossy and dimensional brunette to die for. She really enjoys building a personal relationship with her clients and getting to know them. She will always find the time to walk them through an amazing blowout and teach you all about styling your new 'do.  


Lynsey Stallings

Lynsey join Ceremony all the way from Atlanta, Georgia. We are so happy to have her bring her talent and upbeat personality. She has a warm and welcoming disposition, in addition to incredible talent and knowledge, that really makes her the entire package.  Lynsey specializes in hand painting, or balayage. She spends time with each client; talking and listening. She customizes and creates beautiful color that perfectly suits each individual. Lynseys' abilities come from a great education and background. She apprenticed for two years at a top salon in Atlanta. After that she honed her skills and worked all the way up to become a lead stylist. She continues her ongoing education with classes through Bumble&bumble, Oribe,  Wella, Redkin and L'oreal.  If you are looking for beachy waves and the perfect undone do, Lynsey is your girl.


Krisi Vaugn

Krisi Vaughn comes to us from Los Angeles with over 13 years of experience in the beauty industry.  She can credit her extensive skill set to having such an expansive education. She graduated the Aveda Master Training, completed an apprenticeship with Toni& Guy; focusing on hair coloring. The next step in her career was working as a salon stylist in Chicago, where she also trained with Bumble& bumble, and L’oreal Professional balayage& color. Working with these companies exposed her to the fashion and editorial world, igniting a passion within her. She trained to become a professional makeup artist, knowing that this would strengthen and support not only her creative and artistic side, but also how she approaches hair when working in the salon.  Following that passion is what took her to Los Angeles, where she could dive deeper into the editorial world. She spent several years in LA, but ultimately felt the call to the Pacific Northwest lifestyle. Krisi loves to gain her inspiration from both street style and high fashion.  She recognizes the importance in a thorough consultation, in taking her time to talk to and get to know her clients. She thrives on cultivating a truly customized look that is unique and well suited to each person, and their lifestyle. She always takes the time to guide you through the maintenance and styling  of your new hair. Whether you prefer soft, tousled sun- kissed highlights or a more dramatic platinum blonde she excels. It could be long, lovely layers or a clean and classic cut… whatever you want, Krisi strives to create and cultivate it for you. With a calm and confident disposition, she takes her time to make sure you get everything you want.














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